Way of the mundane world

Everybody has had their ups and downs of life. In the circumstances, it is important to maintain their integrity and to remain calm and smooth. More or less, people surely must face with this nature of eight manifestations of Worldly Vicissitudes (Loka-dhamma). But it is not easy for a layman to become tolerant of Lokadhamma. In the Mangala Sutta, the Buddha said:

“Phutthassa lokadhammehi cittam yassa na kampati”

The Arahat's mind remains unshaken. In other words, he is unaffected by gain and loss, praise and blame, fame and defame, happiness and sorrow, when affected by pair of worldly vicissitudes. He remains calm and stable in mind, because there are no defilements (kilesa) at all. There are no dangers for him. So, the arahats are also subjected to Lokadhamma though they can receive both ones of the good and the bad with equanimity (uppekkha).

Lokadhamma shows the natural consequences that every being has to receive and contend with. It relates to the loka of sentient beings (Sattava). Therefore, Loka means “being” and Dhamma means the “law”. The Buddha had delivered Lokadhamma in his suttas. Like a shadow, human beings are always accompanying Lokadhamma. No one can dispel it.

The Worldly Vicissitudes are composed of eight in number. The following eight laws are grouped in pairs: gain and loss (Labho and Alabho); fame and dishonour (Yaso and Ayaso); praise and blame (Ninda and Pasamsa); happiness and suffering (Sukha and Dukkha). They are the facts of life such as:

1. Labho (material gain)
2. Alabho (material loss) 
3. Yaso (having a large retinue) 
4. Ayaso (having no followers)
5. Ninda (being blamed) 
6. Pasamsa (being praised) 
7. Sukha (happiness) 
8. Dukkha (suffering)

In one's life, there are four good ones and four bad ones under living conditions. People actually like the good four and dislike the bad four. One may be elated at one of the four good circumstances, if he encounters it. He is also proud of the condition because of somanassa. However, one of the four bad circumstances may cause distress to someone, when he encounters the opposite condition he got. He is also getting perturbed unbearably. He felt emotionally unstable and depressed due to the domanassa. In order to gain normal position of his consciousness in the upside-down life, everybody must stand firm according to the appropriation of Dhamma.

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