The Methods of Dhamma Teaching at Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi Monastery Loikaw, Kayah State in Myanmar

The Methods of Dhamma Teaching at Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi Monastery Loikaw, Kayah State in Myanmar
Researcher: Ven. Viveka
Part -1
Myanmar is one of the most famous Buddhist countries around the world in which over eighty-seven percent of the population are Buddhist so that majority of people learn the teaching of the Buddha from starting in primary school. According to the Myanmar tradition, every teenager has made to ceremony of the novice in the Buddhist Order and twenty passage to adulthood is to spend at least 15 days or one rain season as a monk. One who ordains can learn many useful tools and gain knowledge of Tipitaka (three baskets) in both Pali and Myanmar languages. They practice meditation, learn to arrange flowers, organize ceremonies, spread the Buddha’s teaching (Dhamma) and other awesome activities such as alms collection and maintenance of the monastery, etc. The purpose of learning and training is to cultivate the mind, to propagate the Buddha of Dhamma to the whole nation and the world, especially effecting a harmonious society. Moreover, Myanmar is well known for its traditional, architectural designs and cultural heritages. Thus, besides spreading Buddha’s Dhamma teaching, as well as Myanmar people try to maintain and protect their traditional cultures.
Our ancestor left cultural traditions for us what are customs and consuetude. It is important that the next generation maintains and preserves them. Additionally, the next generation needs to foster and advance cultural traditions of their country to the world. Realizing the importance of education in growing nation and its contribution to developing wealth, improving civilization, and strengthening democracy, the Myanmar Government has to continue to spend substantially to its education system. To building a wealthy and a super-power nation, Myanmar needs the educated person who can bring his talent and the knowledge. The education is very essential for the development country where had been with good education and there had become wealthy citizen. Therefore, there is no development without education, and it’s everyone’s commitment. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” [1] “Paññā Lokasmi Pajjoto” [2] that means; “wisdom is the light of the world.” Really, the general public can see the many countries with the education are the development on the world. Therefore, The Myanmar government has supported to an opportunity for Myanmar citizen to attend schools, colleges, universities, and the Pathamapyan (PTP) (held to test one’s knowledge of Buddhist scriptures) examinations have always been conducted by the government.
The education is also the importance for every country as well as the teaching methods are significant for the scholars. If someone constructs a building, at the first, someone must make the good foundation then the building will be last for a long time thus the state education system should have the good teaching methods for successful and developed of schooling. Every educational development country has good teaching method so that the countries are bright in the educational field. For example, United State of America, United Kingdom, Japan and so on. “University of Oxford Tops the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018” [3] after reading this article, the researcher thinks about the education of Oxford university position and then the researcher understand that Oxford university teaching method is very good so that the university is top university in the world. Likewise, in Myanmar, Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi monastery (PPYM) readies to have very good teaching method that is a strong education system has long been seen as the standard pre-requisite of overall national progress for both developed and developing nations.
The Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi monastery which is the main monastery, has many sub-monasteries for teaching technique to a traditional in Myanmar that was supported for building of knowledgeable society. Each country has own education policy and own teaching method as the Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi has it. The Myanmar government monastic education is very interesting style that is the examination-orientated method. The students who are condemned to repeat the same syllabuses until, have passed. However, these could not turn their backs on the examination-orientated method of study and instead pursue the study of “great texts”, because the majority of the monasteries are not teaching those texts any more so on the many students chose the good result and the excellent teaching method.
The motto of Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi monastery is for the students; 
“The literature which is not memorized yet is a strong difficulty.
Even though memorize that is very difficult not to forget.
It is also very difficult to distinguish.
Someone who cross that three difficulties, is the wise man.” [4]
This motto, that is the Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi’s students to talking at the two times (morning and night) in daily for motivation, means; the first step, to get the literature, the second step, not to forget to getting literature and the third step’ to analyze for getting the literature that is the likely to the research methodology what need to be the necessary for the learner. It is why every Buddhist monk and people should know this good teaching method that use to teach widely as the sub-monasteries.
Therefore, it is necessary to describe the teaching method for the future generation because if the future generation comprehend the teaching method, they will be bright in Buddhist literature. Not only it is but also if the researcher describes the teaching method every Buddhist monastery and university’s teacher and professor will understand how to teach the Buddha’s teaching. Moreover, nobody describes this Pubbāruṁ Pariyatṭi monastery teaching method that is also the researcher will describe the teaching method. And then, the researcher hopes that after reading the research, every Buddhist monk, nun and lay people will comprehend the teaching of Buddha in the clear style as well as the next generation have to know this teaching method that is the priceless as a diamond so the researcher reveals for this teaching method.
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