History of Pubbarum Monastic Education Center

History of Pubbāruṃ Monastic Education Center, Loikaw, Kayah State Union of Myanmar

Pubbāruṃ Monastic Education Center has started in (February,1,1971) on Monday, it is located in Mangala, east part of Tong Kuai Cetiya Pagoda, one of the specialize in the historical of the Kayah State.

The very first founders of Pubbāruṃ Monastic Education Center are the most Venerable Narinda and Venerable Indaka. For the purpose of development of the Buddha Sāsanā, both venerables gave good suggestion to whom specific in Mangala, that there should be a monastic education center.

Then after, both Ācariyas, Upāsakas and Upāsikas made the decision and invited Venerable Guṇapīya (Sāsanadhajadhammācariya) from Minkun Monastery, TaungGyi, Shan State. Then Pubbāruṃ Monastic Education Center was leaded by himself firstly.

At first, in (June,23,1971) Wednesday, there were 27 students within the same year after Vasā.

For the purpose of underlining of education method and to be better than usual, Venerable Narinda handed over Pubbāruṃ Monastic Education Center to Venerable Guṇapīya all necessary under his control.

After accepting Pubbāruṃ Monastic Education Center, Venerable Guṇapīya is making efforts for all necessaries year by year. There were many students passed the examinations.

In (1995) he and his pupils from Kayah State and Shan State hold 25th Anniversary (The Silver Jubilee ceremony) for the special event. (participated by several parts of people). All extended by him for the whole 30 years totally.

Unfortunately, Venerable Guṇapīya (Aggamahāpaṇṭita) passed away in the peaceful state in (May,26,2001) Saturday.

After Venerable Guṇapīya passed into the peaceful state, both Sangha community and Upāsakā and Upāsikā agreed to invited Venerable Khemindābhipāla (Sāsanadhajadhammācariya) to be the abbot and Venerable Subhogābhipala (Sāsanadhajadhammācariya) as the secretary, and Venerable Gandhamā (Sāsanadhajadhammācariya, Vinayavidū) to be another monastery secretary to continuous the work of the most Venerable Guṇapīya.

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