Wishing birthday for the abbot of Pubbārṁ monastery

May 19, 2020, has 56th birthdays for our abbot Venerable Kemindābhipāla (Aggamahāganthavācakapaṇṭita) at Pubbārum monastery in Loikaw, Kayah Sate.

Firstly, I wish;
may our abbot be free from enmity and danger,
may our abbot be free from mental suffering,
may our abbot be free from physical suffering and
may our abbot take care of himself happily.

Everyone has a birthday that was made on a big party, but somebody was forgotten on their birthday. This situation is not importance for our birthday. What is importance for our birthday? This question should be asked to everyone. We came into the world because we were born to parent. Therefore, it is very important to know that our parents are grateful. And when you are thankful, it is up to repay on our parents.

Our abbot Venerable Kemindābipāla is deeply grateful to his parents and he always works hard for Sāsanā (teaching, practice, doctrine of Buddha). I have the greatest respect for our abbot Venerable Kemindābhipāla.


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